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SQL vs. NoSQL: Which is better?

Almost every application needs data to be stored. This data invariably needs to be fetched, updated and searched upon. This makes it necessary for applications to use some sort of data store. For a long time, solutions based on RDBMS like SQL ruled the roost. SQL supports basic operation like CRUD on the data along […]

Best practices to follow on e-Commerce sites to avoid deadlock and other challenges

Recently some of our developer colleagues were having sleepless nights – a week before Black Friday fixing issues for a couple of our clients’ sites which run a high volume of promotions and discounts.  The site’s performance testing had revealed that something was not right in the code as the performance times had shot up […]

Five Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Big Data Project

  Big Data is gradually taking over the business world and it means different things to different people. Data-driven decisions and applications create immense value by utilizing data sources to discover, present and operationalize important business insights. Every technology company on the planet now claims to have a solution for analyzing the mammoth amount of […]

5 Rookie Mistakes of Implementing API Strategy

  API programs are fast becoming a new avenue for growth for enterprises of all sizes and domains. Benefits of having APIs are quite well known, however, one needs to think and plan meticulously before diving into the world of web services/APIs. From a business point of view, below are few things to watch out […]

Designing Endeca Based Search Solutions: Three Common Pitfalls to Avoid

As part of a recent assignment, we were involved in the implementation of Endeca based search solution for an African Telecom giant. The design phase of the project was already complete and we were asked to take over the implementation phase. During the implementation we encountered a few issues, which should have been handled during […]

Gotchas of Powering Customer Experiences with OCR Based Data Extractions

Most OCR Text extraction projects involve scanned/ photographed images, whose text needs to be extracted and the text to be further classified into fields that are relevant for the solution. Having implemented such data extractions at Rare Mile, we found that apart from the obvious must-do items of selection of OCR product, building analytics rules […]

Apache Spark – Why should you use it

We are in the age of Big Data, and there are a bunch of technologies and startups popping up all over the world that deals with Big Data. One of the hottest and fastest growing technologies is Apache Spark. Apache Spark is a completely open sourced, scalable data analytics and cluster computing framework. Apart from […]

Our two cents on Data protection

Hosting applications accessible over the internet is no longer as complex as it used to be few years back. With a plethora of hosting providers, procuring new servers is just like buying products online. There is no further need for setting up an infrastructure of your own; just login to any of the infrastructure providers […]