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5 Rookie Mistakes of Implementing API Strategy

  API programs are fast becoming a new avenue for growth for enterprises of all sizes and domains. Benefits of having APIs are quite well known, however, one needs to think and plan meticulously before diving into the world of web services/APIs. From a business point of view, below are few things to watch out […]

Easing API development with Apigee Edge

In this rapidly growing Apps market, APIs are playing a critical role. So it becomes very important to develop APIs which are scalable and performing enough to cater to demand of the clients. Right now there are many technologies/platforms available that provide facility to develop and manage APIs. Apigee Edge is one such prominent platform. […]

REST – Best practices

REST based APIs are increasingly becoming popular among developers today.  Thanks mainly due to apps market REST based APIs becoming a de facto standard. Some main points in favor of REST API are: It is open standard. Based on standard HTTP protocol. Support for various type of data format (like normal form parameters,  XML, JSON […]

5 Ways of dramatically increasing the ROI of your unstructured data analytics endeavors – Part 3

Machine Learning In our last post on this subject, we discussed why business plays an important role in unstructured data analytics project, how to manage their expectations on what text they are mining and some common pitfalls to avoid. We will now talk about automated learning aspect of unstructured data analytics algorithms or machine learning. […]

Security Issues in oauth2 and Workarounds

Oauth is one of the most popular and widely used open standards for authorization. Most of the big players in field of IT like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and many more use different variants of oauth for providing secure access to resources hosted on their respected servers. Thanks to oauth only now there are thousands […]

6 Tips To Ease Your API Development

This is an exciting time for developing and rolling out APIs. The change in the consumer behavior and the explosion of the app markets has opened up new avenues for businesses to share and monetize information & services. APIs have a tremendous role to play in that space. Developing APIs can get a little tricky […]