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The Big Data Resolution for 2016!

I love new years! After having taken a long delayed break towards the end of last year, finally spent some quality time with the family, finally had a time to just think about where I have reached and where I want to go, like most of you, I am all charged up to start another […]

Best practices to follow on e-Commerce sites to avoid deadlock and other challenges

Recently some of our developer colleagues were having sleepless nights – a week before Black Friday fixing issues for a couple of our clients’ sites which run a high volume of promotions and discounts.  The site’s performance testing had revealed that something was not right in the code as the performance times had shot up […]

Five Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Big Data Project

  Big Data is gradually taking over the business world and it means different things to different people. Data-driven decisions and applications create immense value by utilizing data sources to discover, present and operationalize important business insights. Every technology company on the planet now claims to have a solution for analyzing the mammoth amount of […]

Our two cents on Data protection

Hosting applications accessible over the internet is no longer as complex as it used to be few years back. With a plethora of hosting providers, procuring new servers is just like buying products online. There is no further need for setting up an infrastructure of your own; just login to any of the infrastructure providers […]

HBase explained

With the advent of BigData, there is a large focus around HBase systems, there is a need to persist and retrieve billions of data records in real-time. HBase systems provides exactly that. Because of this large focus, people have different view points around HBase systems. As part of this blog post, we share what HBase […]

Backend As a Service (BaaS)

Introduction and Analysis In already popular world of cloud computing, Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a new phenomena, which is rapidly gaining prominence. After advent of cloud computing, offering hardware infrastructure and software components as a service is gaining momentum. At a glance, BaaS looks like a subset of Software as a Service ( […]

Easing API development with Apigee Edge

In this rapidly growing Apps market, APIs are playing a critical role. So it becomes very important to develop APIs which are scalable and performing enough to cater to demand of the clients. Right now there are many technologies/platforms available that provide facility to develop and manage APIs. Apigee Edge is one such prominent platform. […]

Why we love Mongo

What Java is to open source that is what Mongo is to NoSQL databases. MongoDB is one of the leading open source NoSQL databases available and few encounters with it have made me fall in love with it. Since SOLR(open source search engine), no product has caught my attention and affection as much as Mongo. […]