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Managing Abandoned Cart/Order in ATG

  First, let’s define what is an abandoned cart? An abandoned order or shopping cart is one that a customer creates and adds items to, but never checks out. Instead, the customer simply exits the Web site, thus “abandoning” the incomplete order. ATG has an out of the box Abandoned Order Service module that includes […]

Best practices to follow on e-Commerce sites to avoid deadlock and other challenges

Recently some of our developer colleagues were having sleepless nights – a week before Black Friday fixing issues for a couple of our clients’ sites which run a high volume of promotions and discounts.  The site’s performance testing had revealed that something was not right in the code as the performance times had shot up […]

ATG Platform Migration – Few Things to Worry about!

Whenever i get to hear about an opportunity about migration of a platform, i normally get into split mindset. From a technical standpoint, it gives an opportunity to re-factor your tactical fixes which would be there in any platform that would have existed for a while. It also gives an opportunity to leverage some of […]

Food vs Non Food eCommerce

Online grocery retailer is very different from a General Merchandise or rather Non Food Retailers.  Let’s see some of the subtle/substantial differences between online grocery and other category ecommerce sites and its impact from systems perspective. Following are some of the unique features of a grocery website. Repetitive buying behavior vs. less frequent buying Grocery […]

Internationalis(z)ation in eCommerce

If somebody is telling you Internationalisation is free (i.e. implicit in the application) then be sure that you are talking to a programmer and not an architect or a business analyst. Most people think that by using UTF-8 for the database, using Resource Bundles for the application, you are done with Internationalisation. Technically, yes, it […]