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Career Guide to Fit into revolution of Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, almost everywhere the term (IoT) Internet of things is present. This blog talks about what IoT is and what skills we need to develop to embrace the new era of IoT. As per wiki–“The Internet of Things (IoT) ” is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to […]

Mobile is not just a trend

Mobile is not just a trend – Businesses are starting to funnel money into it. Big data have always been big in business, but the potential it holds for the mobile marketing industry is now growing faster than ever before. Businesses are starting to funnel money into Mobile Solutions understanding that there is ample opportunity […]

A Smart and Timely Quake Alert?

After a devastating earthquake in Nepal, that took a toll of lives and caused massive destruction to the heritage and property of Nepal, scientists have now discovered that smart phones could be used as an economical alternative to sophisticated earthquake monitoring networks. Technology has grown manifold in the last few years. Scientists have devised such […]

Apple’s Swift: What You Need to Know

Swift is here. And about time too. Apple launched Swift during its recent World Wide Developers’ Conference. The beta version of it was released for developers . We had a sneak peak into the language and we wanted to share with you all what we feel about Apple’s new language. We were plagued by seemingly […]

BYOD, Mobile Device Management and Containerization

Mobile apps are going beyond the usual mail, calendar and contacts. Businesses are actively investing in the development of Mobile apps and at a very rapid pace. Also, the enterprises are embracing the BYOD (Bring your own device) paradigm. BYOD is a result of win-win situation that balances the corporate needs and the employee. As […]

Gearing up to the mobile world – Part I

Mobile apps have gained popularity like never before and there is a de-facto need for every one who is building an application to take into consideration mobile support. Almost all kinds of applications need mobile support, be it a company corporate website, an ecommerce application, a social media application or even a static content based […]