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Best practices to follow on e-Commerce sites to avoid deadlock and other challenges

Recently some of our developer colleagues were having sleepless nights – a week before Black Friday fixing issues for a couple of our clients’ sites which run a high volume of promotions and discounts.  The site’s performance testing had revealed that something was not right in the code as the performance times had shot up […]

Designing Endeca Based Search Solutions: Three Common Pitfalls to Avoid

As part of a recent assignment, we were involved in the implementation of Endeca based search solution for an African Telecom giant. The design phase of the project was already complete and we were asked to take over the implementation phase. During the implementation we encountered a few issues, which should have been handled during […]

Analyzing MySql Database Query Performance

Even after a lot of advancement in Big Data/NoSQL technologies, more that 95 percent of the applications are still being developed using relational databases. For small to medium range applications, the preferred database of choice in open source technology is MySQL. Today, MySQL has a significant share  of web application development projects. Since Oracle’s acquisition of […]

Tackling Application Pauses

We recently worked with a US based client from the financial domain to help them with a performance issue. The production instance of their application used to freeze after running normally for a period of 10-15 minutes. When the application froze, none of the users could do anything with it.  The application used to recover […]