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BYOD, Mobile Device Management and Containerization

Mobile apps are going beyond the usual mail, calendar and contacts. Businesses are actively investing in the development of Mobile apps and at a very rapid pace. Also, the enterprises are embracing the BYOD (Bring your own device) paradigm. BYOD is a result of win-win situation that balances the corporate needs and the employee. As […]

Gearing up to the mobile world – Part I

Mobile apps have gained popularity like never before and there is a de-facto need for every one who is building an application to take into consideration mobile support. Almost all kinds of applications need mobile support, be it a company corporate website, an ecommerce application, a social media application or even a static content based […]

5 Ways of dramatically increasing the ROI of your unstructured data analytics endeavors – Part 3

Machine Learning In our last post on this subject, we discussed why business plays an important role in unstructured data analytics project, how to manage their expectations on what text they are mining and some common pitfalls to avoid. We will now talk about automated learning aspect of unstructured data analytics algorithms or machine learning. […]

Analyzing MySql Database Query Performance

Even after a lot of advancement in Big Data/NoSQL technologies, more that 95 percent of the applications are still being developed using relational databases. For small to medium range applications, the preferred database of choice in open source technology is MySQL. Today, MySQL has a significant share  of web application development projects. Since Oracle’s acquisition of […]

Security Issues in oauth2 and Workarounds

Oauth is one of the most popular and widely used open standards for authorization. Most of the big players in field of IT like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and many more use different variants of oauth for providing secure access to resources hosted on their respected servers. Thanks to oauth only now there are thousands […]