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HBase explained

With the advent of BigData, there is a large focus around HBase systems, there is a need to persist and retrieve billions of data records in real-time. HBase systems provides exactly that. Because of this large focus, people have different view points around HBase systems. As part of this blog post, we share what HBase […]

Transforming ideas into reality

A typical start up story would be a bunch of enthusiasts, with zeal to excel and make it big, get together for starting a company they can run based on a few great contacts they have made in their respective careers. A few survive the first year and lesser the second. Providing services to a […]

Five Ways of dramatically increasing the ROI of your unstructured data analytics projects, Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed why it is important to differentiate your project as a BI or Unstructured data project with or without the Big Data flavor. That distinction will help you take execute your project efficiently and with a high ROI. In this post, we will talk about the second very important yet […]