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What startups need to know before choosing a cloud based technology

Cloud computing is no longer just a buzzword, it has become a huge trend in the past few years. There are so many benefits and services cloud computing offers that companies, especially small in size, simply cannot resist anymore. To name a few, companies prefer a subscription payment model because they only pay for the […]

Simple DB: Restrictions and Drawbacks

This is second part of my article analyzing simple db. In first I had given an introduction and features of simple db along with where it should be used and where not. Now comes the interesting part which most of the people like; finding fault any product/system J. Anyways my intension here is to be […]

Simple DB: is it really simple??

For one of my projects I recently used Amazon Simple DB as database. After doing some intensive work it prompted me to write something about my experiences with this. For the beginners, Simple DB is a database service provided by Amazon Web Services. They have their server machines in various regions (in US, Europe, Asia […]

Web Services: Look Before You Leap

Desktops with gigabytes of RAM, Handheld devices that work like computers and an SOA compliant enterprise do not evoke a reaction these days; they have become more of a given thing. Today everybody wants to have an SOA compliant architecture without giving much thought about its applicability and ROI but Let us keep that discussion […]