The Small Matter of a Name

The Small Matter of a Name

After we decided to start our new technology services venture and gathered around a team of likeminded founders, ensured the alignment of obsessions and rounded up some out-of-the-world technical staff, the small matter of the company name popped up. Everyone poured in their suggestions – from really meaningful Sanskrit names to randomly put together alphabets which did not amount to a legitimate word but the .com name seemed to be available.

After a week of throwing out a lot of names out of the window, we settled down for ‘Rare Mile Technologies’. We chose this name because it signifies what we believe in, gives an indication of why a customer should call us and also sets the standard for the kind of people we want on our team.

For our customers, we want to be their partner in executing the really complex, high risk 20% projects which 80% of the run of the mill vendors cannot deliver. We intend to take a walk down this rare mile along with our customers and deliver a successful implementation. Secondly, we are fairly bullish about the role that pervasive computing with play in the immediate future in the world of field automation solutions. A lot of last mile problems will get solved in the near future using the connected tablets. We will be there with our customers to help them tame this last, rare mile.

And last, but certainly not the least, when it comes to hiring, we are looking for the very best of technical talent to join our ranks. People who are extremely sound on fundamentals of technology and have a sparkling track record. In other words, people who have jogged the ‘Rare Mile’ of technologies and management.

And this is how the name Rare Mile Technologies came to be…

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