Mobile is not just a trend

Mobile is not just a trend

Mobile is not just a trend – Businesses are starting to funnel money into it.

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Big data have always been big in business, but the potential it holds for the mobile marketing industry is now growing faster than ever before. Businesses are starting to funnel money into Mobile Solutions understanding that there is ample opportunity in this ever-evolving channel. To remain competitive, there is a need to focus on mobile and its next-generation analytics allowing for improved user experience and eliminating the guesswork behind its achievements. Now is the time to learn more about mobile solutions and get an advantage on what is sure to dictate how businesses are run in the coming years. Read on to know How it’s possible and Why Mobile Solution?

How is it possible?
The key for organizations is to combine the right data sources to answer business questions. Data can be of any size but the critical point is relevance. It can be about almost anything in any format ranging from customer data, financial data, social media, manufacturing data to sports data and when analyzed can provide insights and understanding of complex issues. In the last few years we have seen an explosion in data.

Big data is just another way of saying analytics with three key advantages like Volume, Variety & Velocity. Big data takes data in the form of messages, updates and images posted to social networks; readings from sensors; GPS signals from cell phones and more. There are various  industrial uses for ‘data’. Data allows marketers to make their contact with customers and potential customers more personal, increase productivity , effectiveness and ultimately revenue. Knowing that your core customers are made up of specific demographics and having an understanding of individual customer preferences makes personalized marketing achievable.

Why Mobile Solution?
The number of mobile users is expected to increase in the coming years with a greater dependency on mobile in general. By 2016, 61% of web traffic will come from wireless devices as opposed to desktops contributing heavily to the growth of big data. Mobile phones offer an opportunity to collect information about users throughout the day rather than just when they are at a computer. Infact, for some people, the mobile phone is the primary means to  go online, thus making it the most effective way for everyone from advertisers to app developers to understand and reach their target markets. Mobile operators also possess an unique asset , subscriber location , which can be united with big data to provide an even more relevant marketing platform for brands and businesses. By combining big data with the location of a group of users, operators can deliver highly targeted marketing and promotional campaigns using location-based services (LBS). The process of using LBS in this way is representative of big data in its purest and most valuable form and this real-time data is of enormous value in supporting the marketing functions of brands and organizations.
According to IDC the big data market is expected to grow $41.5 Billion in 2018 & Smartphones will make up a greater and greater share of all mobile phones shipped, reaching as high as 78.1% by 2018. Media and social game developers have already been adopters of big data technology & cloud computing solutions for Mobile, now it your turn.


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