On the Field, On the Fly!

On the Field, On the Fly!

A decade ago, mobile phones revolutionized our lives, giving us this fantasy feeling that this is the best thing to happen since the internet . It changed the way we carried digital cameras around and waited to get home to share the pictures; it changed the way we listened to music with bulky Walkmans and MP3 players;  it changed the way we checked e-mails, booked movie tickets and shopped online. We can now book movie tickets while dining in our favourite restaurant; we can get our grocery delivered on time while holidaying. Mobile phones and mobile applications reverberate the “On-the-Fly” tag line and just when we thought this was WOW; it silently slid into the enterprise world and turned the conventional field automation solutions upside down.

From “On the go” to ”Business On the Go”

These days, enterprises do not  expect their ‘already-mobile’ customers who browse, review and even book their cars online, to wait at their garage to get their cars serviced. Nor do they expect their employees who do not stand long shopping queues for their home grocery to do a manual inventory check. Businesses today have extended the reach of their internal applications that their employees use to carry out their routine work to the mobile platform. In the past, getting your field agents access to the internal application would imply buying expensive, proprietary equipment and then programming it to connect to the enterprise via an expensive network connection. These days, it is quite fast and easy to extend mobile devices with peripherals like finger print scanners, bar code readers, credit card readers and printers to do stuff that only expensive, customized devices used to do in the past. The world has changed to where you no longer need to get a form to fill up or endless number of signatures to enter, when you visit your car service centre. It is all being done through a regular mobile phone being used by the service staff. It photographs your license plate to register your car, driving license or business card to enter your contact details, accepts your credit card to pay and print your own receipt and get going.

Customers Rejoice

Retail enterprises can now hand over a mobile phone to you once you enter their malls. You can walk through the aisles and scan barcodes of the items you need and swipe your finger to get special discounted prices as a privileged customer. While you are pampering yourself and lazing away, the stuff you are selecting can get packed ready to be picked up while you are done with the other window shopping. Enterprise mobile devices today with camera let you take a picture of yourself and have you try clothes or makeup on your picture before you choose to buy stuff while still being able to touch and feel the stuff you are paying for. The shopaholics’ enthusiasm and joy which got strangulated out of the boredom on the e-commerce websites has reverted back with these mobile-hand –held devices aiding the shopping.  It takes away the hassles of going through the sales personnel, heavy trolleys to stroll and long queues at the trial room. This does a world of good to the shopaholics’ heart.

Let’s Walk Together

At Rare Mile, we are partnering with our clients today to transform the way we dine, shop, and holiday at resorts or get our cars serviced.  We have worked with businesses from finance, insurance and manufacturing domains to increase the reach and access of their enterprise applications to their personnel on the field, helping them make decisions faster, reduce turnaround time for on the field activities and lowering costs of owning mobile solutions while increasing the number of delights per customer.

Let us walk the Rare Mile with you and show you the possibilities…

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