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ATG Platform Migration – Few Things to Worry about!

Whenever i get to hear about an opportunity about migration of a platform, i normally get into split mindset. From a technical standpoint, it gives an opportunity to re-factor your tactical fixes which would be there in any platform that would have existed for a while. It also gives an opportunity to leverage some of […]

Food vs Non Food eCommerce

Online grocery retailer is very different from a General Merchandise or rather Non Food Retailers.  Let’s see some of the subtle/substantial differences between online grocery and other category ecommerce sites and its impact from systems perspective. Following are some of the unique features of a grocery website. Repetitive buying behavior vs. less frequent buying Grocery […]

Internationalis(z)ation in eCommerce

If somebody is telling you Internationalisation is free (i.e. implicit in the application) then be sure that you are talking to a programmer and not an architect or a business analyst. Most people think that by using UTF-8 for the database, using Resource Bundles for the application, you are done with Internationalisation. Technically, yes, it […]